Friends of Kicks & Sticks

The success of the Hessen State Youth Jazz Orchestra (Kicks & Sticks) is primarily the result of continuous work under the direction of Wolfgang Diefenbach. The Friends of Kicks & Sticks also play a considerable role, taking care of the diverse and numerous organisational tasks and the financial running of the band. The work of this first-class big-band and therefore the training of the young musicians depend primarily on raising the necessary funds. This is done by recruiting new members of the Friends and by approaching private and institutional sponsors and public agencies.

In times of limited public funds in the cultural landscape, the Friends of Kicks & Sticks need all the support they can get! By becoming a member of the Friends of Kicks & Sticks, you allow the orchestra also in the future to engage excellent soloists and tutors and to hold its outstanding position among the youth jazz orchestras.

With an annual subscription of 60€, you not only support the work of the orchestra, but also actively sponsor young talented musicians.

30 Jahre LJJO Hessen

Dianne Reeves Rheingau Musik Festival
Kicks & Sticks with Dianne Reeves

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16:00 Christmas Moments with Friends –... @ Kurhaus Wiesbaden
Christmas Moments with Friends –... @ Kurhaus Wiesbaden
Dez 23 um 16:00 – 22:00
Christmas Moments with Friends - Großes Konzertfinale 2018 - Doppelkonzert 16 + 19 Uhr @ Kurhaus Wiesbaden | Wiesbaden | Hessen | Deutschland
Das Landes Jugend Jazz Orchester Hessen (Kicks & Sticks), die Kicks & Sticks Voices, die Junior-Band und die Junior-Voices sorgen auch 2018 wieder für ein furioses Weihnachtsdoppel im Wiesbadener Kurhaus. Bandleader und Voice Coach Wolfgang[...]