Highlights 1985-1989


East Africa-Tour

With the support of the German Music Council, LJJO travelled to Madagascar, Mauritius, Kenya, Rwanda, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Zambia 
Final concerts at the Cairo Opera House 
Joint performance of the LJJO with a native African drum orchestra in Zimbabwe and Madagascar

June 7: Concert at the 23rd German Day of notaries at the Alte Oper Frankfurt – soloist Bill Ramsey


German Jazz Festival in Frankfurt. The LJJO was the first state youth jazz orchestra to receive an invitation to play at one of the largest jazz festivals held in Germany, TV broadcasting


August 31: Stage appearances at the historical museum Frankfurt and at ‘Folklore im Garten’, Schlosspark Freudenberg, Wiesbaden



March 25-30: First workshop session in Wetzlar with the instructors Jiggs Whigham, Thomas Cremer and Wolfgang Diefenbach

March 29: First concert at Stadthaus am Dom, Wetzlar – soloist Jiggs Whigham

March 31: Second concert at Stadthalle Neuhof – soloist Bill Ramsey, the former Hessian Minister of Finance Hans Krollmann attended the concert

July 7: Concert at Stadthalle Limburg together with an excellent British youth orchestra

September 4: Gig at the Hotel Intercontinental, Frankfurt on the occasion of a ceremony for the Frankfurt culture and banking scene

October 11:Jazzband Ball at Kurhaus Wiesbaden – soloists Jiggs Whigham and Bill Ramsey

November 30: Concert at Jagdhofkeller Darmstadt

Several live programmes as part of the show Big Band & Bill – Live Jazz with the LJJO, Bill Ramsey, Debbie Cameron and Silvia Droste were broadcasted on German TV (ZDF and 3Sat) and German radio (hr)