Highlights 1990-1995

1995 – 10th anniversary of LJJO

August 26: Gala at Kurhaus Wiesbaden during the Rheingau Music Festival featuring old friends of the LJJO as Silvia Droste, Sylvia Vrethammar, Bill Ramsey, Albert Mangelsdorff, Ack van Rooyen, Jiggs Whigham and Thomas Heberer


Concerts in Budapest (hall of the Liszt Academy and council chamber) together with the Dohnányi Sinfony Orchestra Budapest and guest vocalist Sylvia Vrethammar
Stage appearances at the jazz events in Szeged and Miskolc

During a concert organised by the Hessian Ministery for Science and Art, the LJJO received a ‘medal of honour’ for merits in the area of arts and music


October 3: Musical representation of the State of Hesse at the concert to celebrate the German reunification in Bremen


Production of the second CD Magic Morning 
Soloists: Dee Daniels and Randy Brecker



Australian tour performances were given in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Portland

Both, the band’s attendance as part of the Sydney Domain Park Jazz Festivalin front of 80.000 viewers (guest soloist: Jiggs Whigham) and the performance at the Montsalvat Jazz Festival in Melbourne with Nat Adderley and Don Burrows as soloists were unique experiences

since 1991

Annual participation in the Rheingau Music Festival together with well-known soloists, such as Dee Daniels, Elaine Delmar, Silvia Droste, Sylvia Vrethammar, Madeline Bell, Claire Martin, Albert Mangelsdorff, Bill Ramsey and Jiggs Whigham, partly together with the Thuringia Philharmonic Orchestra of Suhl and the Dohnányi-Sinfony Orchesta Budapest


Production of the first CD Kicks and Sticks (German Record Critics’ Award) 
Soloists: Silvia Droste and Bill Ramsey