Highlights 2001

January 8-13: CD production Touch Of Lips for the newly established label hr-musik.de. Soloists: vocalist Madeline Bell, vocal trio ‘Alley Scats’, Albert Mangelsdorff and rap singer Elwyn L. Green.

August 5: Wilhelmsbader Jazzfestival, Kurpark Hanau.

South America-Tour

The tour led through Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Bolivia with a total of 16 concerts.

Highlights with standing ovations: San Juan, Mendoza, Montevideo, Canoas, Belo Horizonte, La Paz, Sao Paolo, Valparaiso and Santiago.

Two TV recordings with nationwide broadcasting:
Uruguay – Jazzfestival at the Radisson Hotel – excellent realisation of the first release of two compositions by Beledo.