Spektakuläre Gastsolisten und Wegbegleiter stellen den Nachwuchsmusikern hervorragende Zeugnisse aus:

Michael Abene

“This is a high level of so-called student playing. These guys are serious.”

Darryl Pitt, Manager of Dianne Reeves

After the general rehearsal, the night before the concert: “Wolfgang, I received a phone call from Dianne a short time ago for which I owe you a debt of gratitude… I want to thank you so much for the work you’ve done to inspire such an experience for my friend… not only on Dianne’s behalf, but on behalf of everyone who benefits as a result of your commitment to excellence… Dianne could not stop singing the praises of all involved, and I am so very, very grateful”.

Manny Albam

Zu den Aufnahmen seiner Exklusivarrangements auf der CD “Kicks and Sticks”: “I thought the results were just great, I wish some of our youth groups here had the professionalism of your group. I feel in a sense that I might have underwritten a bit for them.”

Charlie Mariano

Aus dem Buch Tears Of Sound von Lothar Lewien (Hannibal Verlag): “An die Jungs in den Summer Camps fühlte ich mich erinnert, als ich kürzlich mit dem Hessischen Jugendorchester für drei Tage gearbeitet habe. Absolut erstaunlich, man glaubt es nicht, wie gut die sind. Und keiner ist älter als vierundzwanzig Jahre, denn mit fünfundzwanzig müssen sie raus aus der Band. Phantastische Burschen.”

Claudio Roditi

Nach der gemeinsamen Studioproduktion der CD “Corazón Latino Especial”: “Working with the Hessen Youth Big Band directed by Wolfgang Diefenbach was an amazing experience for me. It is not very often that one encounters a group of young musicians at such high level of performance. Everytime I hear the CD we did together I think I’m listening to a professional band made up of musicians with years of experience. Congratulations to all, and especially to you Wolfgang for doing a fine job with your students!”

Bill Ramsey

“… wobei ich feststellen konnte, dass das LJJO schon damals, nach nur einer Arbeitsphase, einen fast professionellen Standard hatte.”

Don Burrows und Nat Adderley

“This is a great band.” “Yes, really a great band, a great concert and how nice that we are able to play together again.”

Randy Brecker

Nachdem er eine Aufnahme des LJJO gehört hatte: “Is this really a youth band?!?”

Jiggs Whigham

“… Nicht nur das professionelle Spielniveau des Ensembles, sondern auch die hervorstechenden Leistungen seiner unterschiedlichen Solisten qualifizieren es zu den besten Jugendjazzorchestern der Bundesrepublik.”

John Clayton

“What a good band! The talent I hear there makes me smile. If the guys do their homework they’ll have no problem being world class musicians.”

Bob Florence

Zur CD “Magic Morning”: “Please congratulate everyone and tell them what a fine job they did.”

Jimmie Smith

Nach dem Auftritt in Tokyo: “One of the best young Big Bands I ever heard.”

Herb Geller

Nach einer Arbeitsphase: “They are eager to learn, well disciplined and talented so that it is not only more fun than actual work but it is also a learning process for my communication skills and pleasing to hear the results. Wolfgang deserves the credit for his ability to mold these young musicians into a cohesive and fine sounding unit.”

Steve Gray

Zur CD “Happy Birthday”: “The CD is wonderful. The concert where it was recorded must have been a fantastic experience. Please would you give my congratulations to your musicians and tell them it was an honour for me to have my music so beautifully performed. I am sure you are very proud of them! I am very impressed with the dynamic shading, color and sheer accuracy. They can produce on the one side and then they just let fly with the power. Very impressive.”

Bob Mintzer

Zu seinem Auftritt beim Jubiläumskonzert und dem Live-Mitschnitt: “I had a wonderful time working with Mr. Diefenbach and the LJJO. The band plays on such a high level for young musicians, and they have a beautiful attitude towards the music and each other. Not only do they bring a fresh approach to the music, but they also swing like crazy! I’ll play with this band any time. Wolfgang Diefenbach is providing a valuable service for up and coming musicians to gain the experience of playing in a polished ensemble, and getting to hang-out with the multitude of great musicians he invites to guest with the band. Keep it up! Jazz is in good hands.”

Ack van Rooyen

“The Hessian Jazz Youth Orchestra is a bunch of talented young musicians who play with the right conception and with roots in the tradition. Keep on keepin’on.”

Madeline Bell

“It is always a great pleasure for me to perform with Kicks & Sticks. We have travelled many miles together and the musicians’ enthusiasm is wonderful. These young men and women inspire me. I hope they will continue with ‘Live’ music. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the ‘Happy Birthday’ concert, and what a night that was. The atmosphere was electric. I call them ‘my children’ and Wolfgang Diefenbach is my brother. If this sounds like we’re a family … then, I’ve made my point.”

Thomas Cremer

“Es ist vor allem beeindruckend zu sehen, in welch kurzer Zeit die jungen Musiker zu einem wirklich gut funktionierenden Team geworden sind.”

Silvia Droste

“… ich habe soviel Spaß an der Arbeit mit diesem Orchester, dass ich auch in Zukunft nicht darauf verzichten möchte.”

Axel Jungbluth

“… die große Arbeitsfreude der Musiker führte schließlich zu einem Ergebnis, das in seiner Musikalität und technischen Perfektion bemerkenswert ist.”

Zur Junior-Band

Nelson Faria

“Working with the Junior-Band was one of the most inspiring experiences I ever had. It’s so good to see their enthusiasm for the music, interest for the learning process and such a discipline. I’m very glad and honored to have the chance to share some of my experience and knowledge with this young and extremely talented group of musicians.”

Michael Mossman

“The Junior-Band has a dual role. The first is as an outstanding opportunity for young musicians to learn to perform jazz in a well-managed environment with excellent repertoire and coaching. The second role is as the secret of the success of the senior band. The proximity of rehearsals and performances mean the younger students have a clear goal within reach and more experienced students see the level of younger players constantly rising. The Junior-Band clearly has its own identity and many of the students take the opportunity granted by the directors to take leadership roles among their peers. The combination of tradition and innovation is excellent in this ensemble.”